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Released v1.1 of Qwitter!

You can check out Patch Notes, Upgrades and Changes in the GitHub Releases Page!
Qwitter is currently in Beta and may have bugs and issues on usage, you can Report these Bugs and Issues in the GitHub Issues Page.
You can Download the Android and Windows Version(s) directly from GitHub below!


Under Beta Development

Though the v1.1 of the Application has just been released, it still requires a lot of work and development and still lacks features and stability and will be in beta until it is fully stable without the lack of features

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Future Development

It's tough to note all the upgrades that will be added to Qwitter in the First Place, but the features will be exciting and messages will be properly monitored by our Anti-Spam Architecture and More!


We'll keep releasing Stable Builds of Our App to ensure Minimization of Bugs and Spam and More Features. You are requested to keep Qwitter Updated because it's crucial in the Development Times of the App.


If you use or have used Qwitter, a feedback will be appreciated!

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